Artist/ Band: The Jelly Jam
Title: 2
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

The Jelly Jam returns with their second release on InsideOut Music called 2. A you may or may not know this band was formed from the ashes of Platypus. On the first Jelly Jam disc, there was a departure from the progressive undertones that were on the two Platypus CDs. On 2, thereís a somewhat of a return but with a more guitar presence. Much like modern rock bands use today. Iím really enjoying the CD and I find itís a nice way for them to show that they can fit in with the mainstream world without falling into the cliches.

I sincerely hope that this band get proper marketing, because I can see them taking the world by storm. If you need a band to compare The Jelly Jam to, within the mainstream music, Iíd say theyíre very much in the vein of The Foo Fighters. This is a rocking good release. No frills. Very recommended for those that like to rock without the depressing vocals of the nu-metal scene

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 8th, 2004


1. Not Today
2. Coming Round
3. Empty
4. Drop The Gun
5. Allison
6. Maybe
7. She Was Alone
8. Angel Or Devil
9. You Don't Need Me Anymore
10. Runaway
11. War Is...
12. Message

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