Artist/ Band: Sun Travellers
Title: Excursions
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

This is an interesting new release that retros its way into 80s new wave by way of Golden Earring and summing up with a bit of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. It’s an acquired taste for sure, but well rewarded after a few listens.

“A Thousand Stars” gets you in the mood with a fragile beat and laid-back groove. It all seems ready to break apart at any moment, yet maintaining an intensity percolating underneath. We have some effects are used that you rarely hear these days like the wah-wah guitar on “Calypso.” Another excellent instrumental is “Insomnia.” It features a back-woodsy quirky percussion touch that is quite likeable.

The Pink Floyd references really drive home on the next cut, “Shades of Madness.” The two vocalists in the band sing in a Dylan-esque easy going style with one taking the lower and another taking the higher register like Gilmour and Waters on “Welcome to the Machine.” Those Floyd references are even more enhanced when guitarist Gian Luc Giustiniani plays lap steel guitar with the feel of Gilmour.

“Company Man” is a southern blues rock ballad with a slow country feel. I get a real 80s club feel on “Mirrors,” where lead singer Gordon Todd almost recalls Pet Shop Boys! “Miss Escapade” makes me smile with memories of 70s AOR. This is a real mixed bag to be sure. If you’re feeling adventurous today, pick up Sun Travellers’ Excursions. You’ll surely get a good listen.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on June 30th, 2011


01. A Thousand Stars
02. Calypso
03. Shades Of Madness
04. Skywalker
05. Insomnia (Part 1)
06. Miss Escapade
07. Spirit Dance
08. Mirrors
09. Company Man
10. Insomnia (Part 2)

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