Artist/ Band: Steve Hackett
Title: Steve Hackett: The Man, The Music (DVD)
Label: Wienerworld
Year of Release: 2015
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The Review:

"Steve Hackett: The Man, The Music" is an in-depth DVD presentation highlighting both the career and personal life of former Genesis-axeman and successful solo artist, Steve Hackett.

Hackett is comfortably candid and forthcoming during the interviews as he relates his journey from the awkward obscurity of his early years, his audition with the members of Genesis, the band's rocky road to success, his departure and current relationship with the former members, as well as his subsequent solo career - which by many accounts has been the most productive in championing the cause of progressive rock than any of his former band-mates.

He openly discusses his failed marriages and the toll his career has taken on his personal family life, self-reflecting that in his case it appeared he 'couldn't have it all' ... a healthy marriage and a successful career. And how he turned those painful life experiences into musical inspiration.

Hackett is joined by friends and fellow musicians such as Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Chris Squire (YES), and members of his past and current touring band adding enjoyable anecdotes and personal reflections to the conversation.

The interview includes studio sessions with Hackett's longtime musical director and keyboard player for his touring band Roger King. The relaxed repartee between Hackett and King provides many comical moments as Hackett's self-depreciating sense of humor shines through.

This 143 minute video is both entertaining and instructive as Hackett demonstrates a variety of guitar playing techniques and finger exercises as well as equipment employed to capture his melodic sustained tones and textures.

Unlike concert videos which can be watched and enjoyed again and again, videos of this nature are really something for the purist who have an extensive DVD library of celebrity interviews - it's not something for repeat viewing. Yet that aside, "Steve Hackett: The Man, The Music" is a highly entertaining video biography of one of progressive rock's most accomplished guitarist. And as such I highly recommend it for the Hackett aficionado.

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on November 8th, 2015

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