Artist/ Band: Spektrum
Title: Spektrum
Label: Progress Records
Year of Release: 2003
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The Review:

Here's an amazing Swedish "super" group comprised of the more neo brand of prog. One of the bands I've been exposed was Cross. I was hearing some bad reviews for Spektrum but I was pleasantly surprised when I put the CD on my player. For the most part I enjoyed it more so than Cross" last cd. Maybe because it was a female singer that appealed to me better than the male vocals on Cross.

My two favorite songs are "Now" and "A Chemical Release". Both songs showcase the potential, maybe even show the signature style of the band and the singing.

Speaking of which, Lizette has one of the most angelic and powerful voices I've ever heard. Very pleasant to my ear and very fitting for the msic on this CD. Plus she contributes several keyboard parts throughout the CD.

Musically, there's no new ground covered but they do give a boost to the genre by producing some of the best Neo since IQ's Ever and Galahad's Year Zero. So if you want to take a chance on the neo genre, you're in safe hands with this release. I hope they do many more.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 31st, 2003


1. Spektrum [0:22]
2. Land of Longing [5:39]
3. Now [9:24]
4. Perpetuum Mobile [5:55]
5. The Quest [5:16]
6. Ivory Tower [5:57]
7. A Chemical Release [8:52]

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