Artist/ Band: Speechless
Title: Time Out Of Mind
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Speechless is a four piece instrumental band from Georgia that musically encompasses several genres including symphonic, funk, fusion and even some modern metallic guitar sounds. The band consists of Paul Rusek (bass), Sean Tonar (guitar), Robbie Hammil (keyboards), and Derik Rinehart (drums). I’ve been in contact with Sean via and his personal and Speechless sites at

On their debut Time Out of Mind, a CD, there are nine songs that showcase each of the band member’s talents without becoming another shredfest or ‘look at how many notes a minute I can play’ group of musicians. This is one of those rare instrumental releases that I enjoy listening to without any kind of interruptions.

From the first track "In the Clouds" to the ending track “Vader‘s Boogie“, you know that you’re in for a fantastic ride. This is an album that is both suited for headphones or on your stereo system. Either way you must play it loud for the full effect!

In my humble opinion, these guys deserve the success and respect from their peers both present and past. In a perfect world these guys will be up there with all the 70’s greats but since that world is long gone, we can support their talents by purchasing their outstanding highly recommended debut NOW!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 20th, 2007


1. In The Clouds
2. Spidercrawl
3. Stella
4. Thank You
5. The Big Majestic
6. Something Green
7. Spaghetti Junction
8. Hangover
9. Vader's Boogie

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