Artist/ Band: SOT (Salt of Tusj)
Title: Redwings Nest
Label: Sotanic Sounds
Year of Release: 2014
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The Review:

Second album from Norway’s SOT (Salt of Tusj) brings the listener more bold, daring, and game-changing progressive music. I felt their debut was stunning and I am thrilled by this release the same or more. The guest appearances by vocal group PUST and a cello ensemble make the hybrid technical no boundary trio have great girth. For a good idea of their sound read my review of their first CD here in Prognaut (2012).

Things start off with a fairly typical jazz rock theme with a bit of funk added. But as SOT are famous for, the directions twist and change quickly. Lots of Weather Report influence here plus more of course. On the second cut much more develops with lots of great odd time signatures and styles hooked together from jazz fusion to early music in what could be a jazz rock Gentle Giant. Wonderful stuff!!

I complimented SOT last time for being able to get in and out of a composition after filling it with multiple jabs and spectacular combinations and this is just as true for “Redwings Nest”. The main thing that is different on this release is less noticeable tuba (and tuba modifications). Not that it is absent but the use of the varied tuba is done so close to a bass that one hardly knows there is any tuba. That’s crafty and brilliant!

Expect both beautiful and oddball excursions along with lots of tight as a tick progression jazz fusion and bits of prog-metal used sparingly throughout. The skill in composition is superior as each minute flows as if it is SOT’s comfort zone. Everything is as smooth as silk with not even one bad move. These three musicians are the definition of perfect chemistry! You’ll still get serious compositions that sound like King Crimson twisted with Klezmer and whirling dervish, lots of schizoid Gentle Giant too. This release is another stunner. ULTRA HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on October 23rd, 2014


01. They Called Me Sotanic (3:51)
02. Odd Jethegrythe (2:59)
03. Ming-Mang Dynasty (5:17)
04. Morrakvisten (2:32)
05. Jan Mayen (3:32)
06. Anne Kath (3:36)
07. Redwings Nest (6:09)
08. Second Row (3:23)
09. Han Sagde Sa (2:36)
10. Tore Hund (2:52)
11. Journey (5:53)

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