Artist/ Band: Slyde
Title: New World Sympathy/Feed The Machine
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2011/2013
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The Review:

Slyde is a hard-rocking and equally hard-working, self-promoted prog/metal band from Canada which has been carpet-bombing the Canadian bar and festival circuit since 2009 with their brand of high-energy head banging music. Over the course of their career the band has performed at the Ottawa Bluesfest (2010/2011), Ottawa's Friends for Peace (2012), Toronto's IndieWeek (2011/2012), Canadian Music Week (2013), Cornwall's Arts In The Park (2012), Maxville's The Edge (2012), and Brockville's Riverfest (2011); as well as any club or bar in Canada with a stage large enough to contain them and the good sense to book them.

Their intricate high octane music is comparable to bands like Enchant, Shadow Gallery, Symphony X, Threshold, and Dream Theater with the light-speed fretboard gymnastics of guitarist Nathan Da Silva and the amazing keyboardist Sarah Westbrook . Rounding out the solid backbone of the band are Nicholas Favretto (bass guitar) and Brendan Soares (drums).

The lead and backing vocals from Da Silva, Westbrook, and Soares are top notch - something that can make or break a prog/metal band for me. There is nothing as unappealing as a caterwauling heavy metal vocalist either screaming at the top of his lungs or a growling like some savage beast at feeding time. Thankfully Nathan Da Silva possesses a certain Freddy Mercury quality to his voice.

The lyrics touch on such dark and disturbing topics as political and environmental issues, social consciousness, and the future of humanity. As well as the positive message of spiritual awakening.

"New World Sympathy/Feed The Machine" brings together their two previously released EPs onto one disc.

The hook-laden tracks are loud, aggressive, and tightly constructed, with unexpected head-spinning tempo changes. Everything you want from a prog/metal band and more.

Highly recommended for prog/metal aficionados.

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on December 22nd, 2013


New World Sympathy

01. New World Sympathy
02. Take Us Away
03. The Downward Spiral, Save Us From Ourselves
04. Lies

Feed The Machine

05. Lament
06. Feed The Machine
07. Stand And Fight
08. Meditate
09. Pull The Trigger
10. Global Empires Fall
11. Cries Of The Earth
12. Without The Machine/Lament Reprise

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