Artist/ Band: Shaun Guerin
Title: By The Dark Of Light
Label: Clearlight Music
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

Shaun is a native of Los Angeles, California and grew up in a musical household with his father John Guerin, a top session drummer and member of the LA Express (Tom Scott/Joni Mitchell).

Like his father, Shaun is an accomplished drummer/percussionist but also is a powerful vocalist and skilled keyboardist/composer.

In 2001, Clearlight Music signed Guerin to the label and released his first solo album, "By the Dark of Light". His primary influence is Peter Gabriel but incorporates many different aspects into his music. Aside from his Gabriel influence there's a strong ELP presences as well as some jazz-fusion influences.

Shaun's resume includes session work, independent film soundtracks and as lead vocalist of the Genesis tribute band, "Cinema Show", of which I was honored to witness live as well as his ELP tribute band "Trilogy".

Shaun is a very talented singer/songwriter as well. Exteremly powerful yet subtle. Excellent symphonic prog at it's finest.

Do yourself a favor and stay tuned as many more good things are going to come from this man!

Currently Shaun is working on his second solo CD, "The Epic Quality of Life" and contributing to the Clearlight CD "Infinite Symphony" CD as percussionist, programmer and vocalist.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 25th, 2002


1. By The Dark of Light [4:47]
2. This Is Not My World [4:28]
3. France [5:37]
4. Run To Fall [6:01]
5. She's Sad [4:01]
6. Victory [5:07]
7. Sing My Prayers [6:18]
8. Son of Gorp [5:17]
9. No Misery [5:08]
10. Crazy [2:57]

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