Artist/ Band: Sergio Benchimol
Title: A Drop in the Ocean, An Ocean in A Drop
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

It took a few listens to appreciate the beauty of A Drop In The Ocean. It’s a style of prog that I am not too familiar with. Multi-instrumentalist Sérgio Benchimol and flautist-saxophonist David Ganc, do a remarkable job on the instrumentation on the album. Benchimol performs on piano and keyboards, acoustic and electric bass, sitar as well as other instruments, and is the composer of all nineteen compositions. Additional player include drummer Rafael Barata, oboist Carlos Prazeres, percussionist Edu Szjainbrum, and Sérgio’s son Miche.

Musically this is a combination of mainly jazz rock with Spanish style music (flamenco especially) along with some classic sounding prog. This is a release that I’d recommend to those that want something different that what’s being released in the progressive music world.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 31st, 2004


1. Terral
2. Janelas do Céu
3. Memórias de Viagens
4. Bamidbar
5. Toca da Cigarra
6. Bossa Rio Jazz Walz
7. Jardim das Delícias
8. Maracatu
9. Moriá
10. The Hunt
11. Falling Times
12. Exodus
13. A Drop in the Ocean
14. A Rocha e o Mar
15. Unpack Bagus
16. Estrelas do Amanhecer
17. 49a Porta
18. Carrossel (Carousel)
19. The Last Call

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