Artist/ Band: Seid
Title: Creatures From The Underworld
Label: Sulatron Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Creatures Of The Underworld is the second album from Seid, which follows up to their 2002 ĎAmong The Monster Flowers Againí release. Psychedelic, progressive, hard rock, punk rock, electric folk music are words that best describe the bandís sound. can also be identified within the music. The end result of the mesh of style truly transcends classification.

I have to admit the cover art almost kept me from even listening to this album BUT Iím glad I did. This is one of those few unknown bands that I had the pleasure reviewing. I really can't pinpoint a highlight of this album but the title track, "Do As You're Told" and "Flight Towards The Sun" stand-out the most.

If you have an open mind, Seid will fill it with truly original sounding music that should appeal to fans of Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, label mates Annot Rhul to name a few. Recommned listening for sure! Thereís even a bonus video for the trippy Meet The Spaceman (a 2003 single).

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 31st, 2008


1. Cafť Lola (5:27)
2. Creatures Of The Underworld (3:32)
3. Swamp Doom (5:01)
4. The Evil Gnome (3:58)
5. Dragons & Demons (8:46)
6. Do As You're Told (4:31)
7. Moonprobe (4:05)
8. Starla's Dream (5:00)
9. Flight Towards The Sun (8:38)

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