Artist/ Band: Riccardo Vernaccini
Title: Attracted To The Moon
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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Who is the band? What is their history? What motivates them?

“Musician, composer, guitar teacher….a huge fan of music, I just can't think of my life without it! I’ve spent most of my life studying, playing gigs, teaching guitar, composing and recording. In 2005 I released my first instrumental work entitled “…At last!”(Self Produced), which received a lot of kind feedback from various webzines and magazines all around the world. I love and will always love music; it’s extraordinary how much emotion can be transmitted through it; truly magical! Receive a compliment, and know that there are people who appreciate my music and the way I play my guitar, fills me with joy and makes me proud of what I have created, helping me to go on. I’m so happy that my music has been able to touch someone!” (Source: Riccardo‘s MySpace, 2010).


1. Ride High – A fantastic guitar solo instrumental flight takes off supported by keys and drums. I am always amazed at these one man bands and the power of modern technology to make this all sound like a live band recording a track. It feels like you are flying in a jet experiencing the sky unfolding all around you. The blistering electric guitar work is wonderful. But so are the organ - like keys towards the end. Great rocketing start to this project. Excellent and original.

2. One Step To Heaven – Slower beat, with great drum sounds and that lifting electric guitar just soaring across the soundscape. The riffs just lift and fly throughout the track careening skyward and electrifying the air. This does feel and sound like one step to heaven.

3. Xcape From The Red Zone – Beeping warning buzzer lights up the opening before that grinding electric guitar and drums take over. Another Eddie Van Halen/Alex Lifeson – like ride off into the wild blue yonder. Solid powerhouse rocker that really rivets you to the chair as the emotion and power of the song builds momentum.

4. Noche Màgica – Time for something different and this one really takes you away. Cool intricate guitar riffing that serves as a showcase for Riccardo’s ability to play amazing guitar. The keys and drums are smashing all around as the lightning from the strings blazes across the soundscape. Then the fun and magic begins as he pulls out the acoustic and really lets the keys unfold. One of my favorites. The Tony banks – like keys take us out at the end.

5. When Worlds Collide – Blistering electric guitar supported by bass, traveling so fast it’s hard to catch up. At this pace it does seem like worlds collide. Hard to sit still to this or the first three tracks on the album. Really cool key combos in the background supporting the electric.

6. Lost In Loneliness – You expect a slowdown with the title. At the pace he’s been running up until now it would be good. And although the pace is slower, the riffs come quick and continue to soar out the window and light the sky. If this is his version of loneliness then I doubt he’s been alone. Full of imagery and optimism which I appreciate.

7. Last Train To Tulsa – Train sounds to open this fast paced blitz of electric guitar. This train is more of a bullet train than a steam engine. The cool guitar licks that fill the spaces in the middle are excellent. The ending is cool, but I won’t spoil it.

8. Cloud #4 – More ear ripping electric guitar with the bass thrown in just at the right time. The keys are also well placed and add to the dynamics of the overall soundscape.

9. Funk That Noise! – Heavy funkier guitar and cools keys set this bluesy song into motion. More killer guitar work with equally impressive keyboard work. Showcasing the artists many talents. Remember he’s programming the drums to fit in perfectly as well.

10. Everytime – The slowest opening and most unique sounding song on the album. The keys reign supreme on this one. Beautiful reflective guitar playing as the keys warm the room. Then he adds textures and instruments as the song builds. The longest track on the album and a winner.

11. Sleepover – Heavy blues, Zeppelin kinda guitar and drum mix at the beginning. But the keys give it a more original sound. More blistering electric riffs with that funky keyboard sound playing fantastic support.

12. Waiting For A New Day – More cool guitar, keys, bass and drums.

13. City Of Crocodiles – Dark roaring guitars and blasting drums open this track setting the effects and mood perfectly for the song title. The piano in the background really adds to the dynamic effects. The blistering guitar bites on this track really give this one the full volume and power of a closer.


Rating: 8/10 – Very good instrumental work. How one guy can create and organize all this sound is stunning. Really very good fast paced, soaring electric guitar which will dazzle and amaze.

Reviewed by Prof on September 16th, 2010


01. Ride High
02. One Step To Heaven
03. Xcape From The Red Zone
04. Noche Magica
05. When Worlds Collide
06. Lost In Loneliness
07. Last Train To Tulsa
08. Cloud #4
09. Funk That Noise!
10. Everytime
11. Sleepover
12. Waiting For A New Day
13. City Of Crocodiles

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