Artist/ Band: Riccardo Vernaccini
Title: ...At LAst!
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Wow, I must admit to being very surprised to get a copy of ..At Last! by Italian guitar player, Riccardo Vernaccini I was honestly fearing that it was going to be yet another mindless see how fast I can play shredfest and upon listing to it, I found it to be a very nice and enjoyable mixture of hard & progressive rock and jazz styles.

Most of the songs on this instrumental album are straightforward with slight sprinkling of progressive and jazz music to give it an above the norm feel of most hard rock instrumental albums Another thing is on this album, Riccardo does every instrument like guitar, bass, keyboards with drum programming. Normally Im turned off by programmed drums but it really fits the music perfectly. One can only imagine how a real drummer would sound. Also I would think hed make a bolder statement by bringing in other musicians to flesh out his musical ideas. Other than that this is one of the better guitar driven instrumental albums Ive heard in years.

Id recommend it to fans of Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and so many others . I really think Riccardo is on the verge of a promising recording future and Im glad to have been able to hear his music before (here comes the hype) he becomes a world-wide guitar legend!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 15th, 2006


01. Blind date
02. Endless journey
03. Worlds apart
04. Strange combination
05. Another one
06. Dreamtime
07. Mess in the farm
08. Hard to explain
09. Walking beneath the moon
10. Just on time
11. Secret side
12. Run for cover

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