Artist/ Band: Reza
Title: Moonless
Label: Dott Music
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

This is definitely the German/French? version of Tindersticks with a dose of Kevin Ayers, Leonard Cohen and the more lazy period of The Nits (yes, a nice comparison to some of The Nits odd pop and the vocalist also has a R. J. Stips sound some of the time). Without a question this is narcotic music or for some, a drinking late night CD. I say German/French because in my search, I could not find any English info on whether the singer, who’s name is Reza, is German or French, or what. What I do know is he lives in France and the CD was pressed in Germany. He brings along a whole band on this recording and though I have not heard Reza solo, I imagine he is better off with this band accompanying him. It’s a nice full sound and this type late night low key narcotic music usually wears thin if done with just voice and guitar. I own all Tindersticks and Kevin Ayers, and Nits, and quite a bit of the more dark brooding folklore genres that this would fit in.

While most of it sounds like lonely music, there are some subliminally happy tunes, with the tongue in cheek lyric being tossed in the grey clouds. In fact, there might even be a good time song somewhere in the mix (track 10 skates along those lines). For those less familiar with some of the more esoteric bands I am comparing this to, one might also hear some of the mid period pop of Brian Eno (stuff like “I’ll Come Running To Tie Your Shoe” styling). The songs are full of despair and the directions that Reza heads off to on ‘Moonless’ is actually unpredictable much of the recording. Some folk ditties, some odd pop, some of this, some of that, but still keeps a thread of his low key voice. While it’s all relaxing, it also has interesting lyrics that one would be more engaged with the whole affair, of they listened to the words.

Okay so this grabs ideas from the past of all the bands I have mentioned. It’s nothing new, and I found no real progressive notions to speak of. But it does have a consistent quality and might interest anyone who likes the more sad, whiskey friendly, and late night crooner music in the Leonard Cohen school.

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on September 30th, 2011


01. Why? 3:21
02. Child 3:25
03. Rain 3:06
04. Desert Land 3:24
05. The Letter 3:48
06. Falling From Grace 3:00
07. Back Home 3:37
08. Boozer's Talk II 4:05
09. Grey Window 3:05
10. Waiting 4:21
11. Gone For Good 2:56
12. The House Near The Airport 3:02

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