Artist/ Band: Red Orchid
Title: Sky Is Falling
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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Red Orchid, a Washington DC based modern progressive rock, released a debut EP earlier this year called Sky is Falling. The brainchild behind it all is founder/multi-instrumentalist/Lead vocalist, Sanmeet Sidhu, who provides all the vocals, guitar, synth, piano, sitar, flute. Joining him are Tom Dupree (drums), Steven X (bass, backing vocals) and guests artists on ďSilence Withinď are Parth Sen (Tabla) and Rick Stu (Piano).

The music on Sky is Falling is melodic with some harder-edged guitar playing when needed. Although their influences recall something similar to Porcupine Tree, they donít follow the same route as the typical clones. I also hear some hints of Pink Floyd and Rush along with some other influences that I canít quite pinpoint.

I found the entire EP to be refreshing yet similar to the modern take on progressive rock. Thereís just enough of the aforementioned influences but not enough that holds down to any one band. While short in length (30:54), it has more substance than the ďbloatedĒ albums that fill up the 80 minutes just because they can.

My favorite song of the entire EP, is the title track (7:59). Every time I listen to this album I always come back to this song. To me it can be called the bandís signature sound more so than any other track.

In closing Sky is Falling, while rough around the edges, has an organic sound that gives off a warmness to each of the tracks. Upon listening to the EP, each time makes me look forward to the bandís next move. This gets a high recommendation from me. So run, donít walk and pick up a copy from the bandís website (as itís probably not available anywhere else at the time of this review).

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 4th, 2010


01. Revive
02. Walking In The Sky
03. Sky Is Falling
04. Eclispe
05. Silience Within

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