Artist/ Band: Raven Soul
Title: 100 Bleeding Hearts
Label: Artic Music Group
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Hailing from the European country of Portugal, Raven Soul is a band that has aspects of 80’s gothic rock and modern goth metal. While I don’t have too much of a background in 80’s gothic rock, I can say this band is quite enjoyable. They come on in a fury with some melodic moments. There are moments where I can hear influences of bands like Him, Type O Negative, Lacuna Coil and many others in similar styles.

The band consists of Marcio 'Mac' Caetano (vocals), Carlos “Jamaika” Moreira (bass), Giancarlo “P.E.“ Rosa & Hugo Costa (guitars), Ricardo “Desga” Duarte (drums) and Nelson “Prigo” Gomes (keyboards). Together this band creates some very enjoyable high energy music.

100 Bleeding Hearts is a short yet a perfect length for this style of music. So you get 35 minutes of music, which wets your palate for more. I certainly hope that this band’s future is a very bright one. I have a feeling they’ll be playing all the great festivals in Europe and become a household name like the aforementioned bands. There is one song that I really enjoy on this album, the last track, “Chaos” (5:32) which is more in tune with the goth-metal element I fondly enjoy.

So in closing, if you like gothic rock or metal, Raven Soul is the band for you. I can’t wait for what’s next from this band. I know it’ll be on my radar. While this isn’t progressive in any sense, it is an important new band with endless possibilities. I would recommend this for those that like the darker side of music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 6th, 2010


01. End Of The World
02. Save Me
03. Message From Far
04. I'll Die For You
05. Lie
06. Forever Lost
07. Why...?!
08. Chaos Video

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