Artist/ Band: Rain
Title: Cerulean Blue
Label: TelosMusic
Year of Release: 2004
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When I first heard about Rain, I was intrigued by what I read and was thankful to receive a copy of their debut, Cerulean Blue. Now Rain really isnít a full band, more so a one-man operation which seems to be very common these days. I guess this is the age of talented folks that donít really need other to fulfill their musical visions. Well Rain just does that and comes out with a winner here on Cerulean Blue.

Cerulean Blue, is a concept album and before you cry foul, itís slightly different than most due to the story telling aspect done both by the music and narration. I know thereís been narration on other conceptual pieces but for the most part those are cheesy and take away from the music. Not here, in fact the story line relies on the narration to bridge or join each song. So if youíre looking for a single here, it ainít happening.

The storyline of Cerulean Blue is basically a young manís journey across America and the people he meets along with the experiences he has. The story is told through postcards and hereís where the narration comes in. The narrator (Rob Brown, who starred in the BBCís recent adaptation of Chaucerís Canterbury Tales) sets the scenes up for our young man as he travels to such places as New York, Hollywood and Alaska.

The music is of the symphonic rock style with some progressive and pop moments throughout the album. While Rain doesnít break any new ground, he does solidify and perfects the craft of good storytelling through music. Plus itís a fantastically fun album to listen to and isnít that what itís all really about! This is one of the few albums in my time reviewing that Iíd personally recommend to progressive rock fans into the more symphonic style along with modern rock and great storytelling.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 9th, 2005


1. The Lammas Lands
2. Parsifal
3. Starcrossed
4. The Silver Apples of The Moon
5. Light And Magic
6. Jerusalem
7. Cerulean Blue

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