Artist/ Band: Point Of View
Title: Dissillusioned
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

The latest in the wave of progressive rock and metal bands to emerge from Poland is a band called Point Of View. POVís debut album Disillusioned contains elements found in bands that came before but POVís approach seems to be slightly different. One thing the singer is doing vocal acrobats every chance he can. Also the guitar play is the same, he uses just enough flash to get his point across. Most prog-metal guitarists want to do that soloing stuff which always takes away from the song structure.

Point Of View has the potential to become a household name in the genre. I sincerely hope they keep going forward with the open-minded vibe I get from Disillusioned. Each song impresses me as if Iím listening to prog-metal from the first time. Iíd go out on a limb and say Disillusioned is a very important album. Fans of the melodic side of prog-metal as well as the heavier brand of prog-rock will instantly embrace this band.

Poland is supplying the progressive world with new takes on the genre and Point Of View stands on the front line of bands like Riverside, Indukti, Satellite, and countless others. Yeah thatís a bold statement but Iíll stand by it. You can even check them out at their MySpace page to hear for yourself, High recommendation for this genre!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 30th, 2007


1. Disillusioned 5:47
2. Bleak 5:41
3. Reborn 7:41
4. Asylum 4:32
5. Mercy Killing 6:43
6. Shame 6:23
7. Point In Time 6:25
8. Out Of The Blue 5:30

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