Artist/ Band: Pilgrym
Title: Pilgrimage
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Hereís another classic progressive rock inspired band to emerge in 2004. Pilgrym, with their odd spelling put forth an amazing reproduction of the classic era of symphonic based progressive rock ala Genesis, Yes & Pink Floyd with some AOR qualities as well. Are they original? Nah! Fun and enjoyable? Damn right! One of the more enjoyable releases in 2004! Itís a tough thing to come up with truly original based music so for a band like Pilgrym to give us a modernized production of the afore mentioned classic era is truly a treat for the ears. This is a must have for those that enjoy melodic progressive music over the harsh prog-metal or chaotic RIO style bands currently dominating most prog fanís collection.

I should hope Pilgrym expands on their music to steer away from the AOR style and dive more into the progressive side, maybe include an epic or two for us diehard fans. Help support the indie prog scene by purchasing a copy of Pilgrymís Pilgrimage. It has some very well done instrumentation played by excellent players.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 10th, 2004


01. Circus of the Absurd
02. Ghost of Years
03. Believe Me Now
04. Building A Perfect Universe, part 1
i. Endless Space
ii. The Spark
iii. Creating God
05. Building A Perfect Universe, part 2
i. Understanding the Machine
ii. All That You See
06. Song of the Albatross
07. Black Sun

Bonus Tracks:<

08. Reborn (Live)
09. Circus Of The Absurd (edit)

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