Artist/ Band: Pantokraator
Title: Tormidesööjad
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Tormidesööjad (The Storm Eaters) is a new band from Estonia, that has been around in some shape or form since the mid 80s. In 1990 they released a self titled debut then in 1992, the band ceased functioning. They returned in 2000 with their second album called Jäi Servi Seisma, which from my understanding, is more of a “compilation” album. In 2006 Erik Sakkov (keyboards) and Lauri Saatpalu (vocalist) started the reformation of Pantokraator. Joining them are a new line-up consisting of Roland Puusepp (drums), Triinu Taul (vocals), Taavi Langi (guitars) and Henno Kelp (bass).

In 2009 they released Tormidesööjad which contains 10 songs ranging from 3 to 6 minutes. The album is full of accessible progressive rock, with the primary emphasis of “rock”, while adding some pop, ethnic and folk into the mix. The band infuses these elements in such a way that the result is a much stronger release than most “English” language based bands. It should be noted that the band sings in their native tongue. I’m sure they would have more of an audience if they sung in English, but it may not flow as well as it in their language.

Musically I hear influences from Western bands such as Saga and It Bites as well as other 80’s progressive rock bands. After several listening sessions, I’m finding the music gels more and more to my ears. While I don’t have a favorite track, I do find as a whole, the album Tormidesööjad to be one of the better bands foreign or Western-based I‘ve heard past & present. The band even has a MySpace page where you can hear for yourself what the band sounds like. It has become a welcome addition to my collection as it should to fans of the above mentioned bands. I look forward to more from the band in the near future. I would place this album as recommended 2009 release!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 17th, 2009


01. Metsavaht (Forest Ranger)
02. Linnamäng (Town Game)
03. Pilvedesse Sõuan Paadi (I Row A Boat Into The Clouds)
04. Kodukäijad (House Ghosts)
05. Päike Mu Päike (Son My Son)
06. Tule Tule (Come Come)
07. Käsmu
08. Tormidesööjad (The Storm Eaters)
09. Tuultekodu (The Home Of The Winds)
10. Paus On Hea (It's Good To Pause)

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