Artist/ Band: Pamela Moore
Title: Resurrect Me
Label: RatPak Records
Year of Release: 2013
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Years before gaining notoriety as the voice of Sister Mary on the Queensryche concept albums Project Mindcrime I & II, Seattle singer/songwriter Pamela Moore was establishing herself as a solo artist to be reckoned with. Her two albums "Take A Look" (1981) and "You Won't Find Me There" (1982) received critical acclaim, but were unfortunately released on the financially troubled First America Records label (which dissolved soon thereafter), leaving the artist in a state of Limbo.

Undeterred, Moore continued to pursue her career and establish a name for herself, eventually garnering the coveted job of Sister Mary on Queensryche's massively successful "Project Mindcrime" album and tour which followed.

Her longstanding association with the band still continues and she has appeared both on the stage and in the studio with the band on the albums: "Operation Mindcrime", "Operation Livecrime", "Live Evolution", "Operation Mindcrime II", "Mindcrime At The Moore", and the 2013 release "Queensryche".

Her vocal prowess following her original appearance with Queensryche opened the door for a new group fronted by Moore as lead singer for the short-lived New York band Radar which released the album "R.P.M." in 2000.

In 2004 Moore release a six song EP of songs in which she shared songwriting duties with others, as well as material once written for Radar. Among the songs on the EP was the track "Reminds Me Of You" which appeared in the indie movie "Minimal Knowledge".

In 2006 Pamela Moore produced her strongest effort to date - the slickly produced "Stories From A Blue Room" (reviewed at Prognaut June 2006 by Ron Fuchs). The CD was an impressive collection of hard driving rock, hook laden pop, emotional ballads, and electronica.

With her 2013 release "Resurrect Me", Moore has proven herself to be a dynamic force in progressive metal music. She has a vocal range that can resonate both sultry sensuality and primal fury. The musical collaboration of Pamela Moore and multi-instrumentalist Michael Posch (guitars, bass, keyboards, orchestration), Chuck Macak (drum), Brooke Lizotte (piano, orchestration), and Jeff Lomis (guitar) on "Resurrect Me" rivals the likes of Dream Theater, Queensryche, Fates Warning, Lacuna Coil, Epica, Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Nightwish.

Stand-out tracks include the hard rocking track "Resurrect Me", "We Are Damaged", "Paranoia" and the melancholy ballad "Breaking Down" which has a real Kate Bush vibe running through it.

Highly recommended to aficionados of female fronted progressive metal bands.

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on October 15th, 2014


01. Acquiescent
02. Melt Into You
03. Paranoia
04. We Are Damaged
05. Resurrect Me
06. The Sky Is Falling
07. Awakening
08. Breaking Down
09. Desperate By Design
10. Wide Awake (Phoenix Rising)

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