Artist: Pacifico

Title: La Bella Epoca

Produced by:

Label/ Date: Viajero Inmovil Records/ 1972(2003)


Lado A
1. Cancion para un pequeno ladron [7:03]
2. No eras vos, no era yo [3:13]
3. Ella es tu hermana [6:09]

Lado B
4. Mi magico amigo [4:37]
5. Una estela sin final [4:07]
6. Blanto de un atardecer [4:12]
7. Escapatoria [5:29]

The Review:

Pacifico is an Argentine band that released one album then broke up. Sad but in this case, you can probably understand if they carried on they may have been subjected to the powers that be. Thus altering their direction to a more mainstream way.

Pacifco were a three piece band with additional musicians on board for augmentation. We as a progressive community are very lucky that, Viajero Inmovil has chosen to re-release this onto the CD format.

Although Pacifico didnít bring anything new to the table, they did how ever refined their take on the progressive rock scene in 1972.

Very melodic and with some folk leanings. One can say they would be in the same vein as Camel, Caravan and itís Canterbury counterparts. This is not the style of music Iím accustomed to but I can appreciate itís legacy within the Argentinian progressive movement.

Check it out, you may be pleasantly surprised, especially in this age of heavy prog.

~Ron for [November 11th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Hugo Arbe - Guitars, viola, percussion, vocals
Eduardo Marti - Guitars, viola, percusion, vocals
Miguel A. Pezzolano - Flute, percussion, vocals

Pedro Botti - Piano, organ
Emilio Del Guercio - Bass
Rodolfo Garcia - Drums
Hector Starc - Electric guitars

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