Artist/ Band: Pablo El Enterrador
Title: Pablo El Enterrador
Label: Viajero Inmovil
Year of Release: 1983/2005
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The Review:

As part of Viajero Inmovil’s continuing efforts to unearth South American progressive gems, the latest is from a band called Pablo El Enterrador. The original album was released in 1983, on LP with four tracks on each side. This CD reissue features the addition of four previously unavailable bonus tracks. Their sound comes from the Genesis camp but that’s just a focus point for people that haven’t heard of the band before such as myself. I actually prefer the instrumental songs on the album, mainly because most of the vocal parts seem disjointed. Plus being in Spanish it makes it even harder for myself to get into the songs.

"Pablo El Enterrador" is one of those almost forgotten gems that deserves to be heard by the fans of progressive rock. It has a fine balance between the “classic” and modern progressive sounds. This is one of those reissues that has been give the light of day in modern times to help the progressive community see that South America had a it's place within the progressive rock history.

I found this ablum to be returning to my media players again and again so, I’d have to say without a doubt that this a recommended release.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 18th, 2005


1. Carrousell de la Vieja Idiotez (5:37)
2. Elefantes de Papel (5:04)
3. Quien Gira y Quien Suena (5:43)
4. Illusion en Siete Octavos (4:50)
5. Accionista (3:05)
6. Dentro del Corral (6:02)
7. Espiritu Esfumado (3:50)
8. La Herencia de Pablo (7:16)

Bonus tracks:
9. Celeste Cielo (5:44)
10. Bananas (3:15)
11. Se tu Payaso (5:51)
12. Las Juegos del Hombre (4:52)

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