Artist/ Band: Osta Love
Title: Good Morning Dystopia
Label: Self Produced/Distributed By Progressive Promotions Records
Year of Release: 2013
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The Review:

Osta Love is the studio project of two talented musicians from Berlin - Tobias Geberth (guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, and string arrangements) and Leon Ackermann (drums and percussion). Also included on the recording are guest musicians Florian Hauss (piano solo on "Red Sky"), Gregor Nicolai (bass on "Fragile Freedom), and Sarah Gretsch (spoken voice on "Alaska")

The childhood friends began playing blues and rock in their hometown of Heidelberg before moving to Berlin where they focused their attention on composing original prog orientated material. This resulted in the 2011 'download only' release "Colours".

The pair soon developed enough of a following to release a crowd-funded self-release ""Good Morning Dystopia" in 2013. Word of mouth and hard work on the part of Geberth and Ackermann brought the album to the attention of Progressive Promotions Records who eventually promoted and distributed the album.

Lyrically the songs deal with urban life, surveillance, and escapism in the third millennium. Familiar Pink Floyd territory.

And the Floyd comparisons don't end there. David Gilmore's influence on Tobias Geberth is ever present throughout the album - as both as guitarist and vocalist.

Musically the tunes bear a striking resemblance to Pink Floyd encompassing both the early Syd Barrett era and middle period Floyd (from" Ummagumma" thru "Animals"); as well as the very early psychedelic rock recordings of Porcupine Tree ("On The Sunday Of Life", "Up The Downstair", and "Voyage 34: The Complete Trip").

The haunting music is seeping with rich textures and melancholy atmosphere.

Kudos to Geberth for his sound pallet - whether genuine or sampled - as phantom echoes of Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hammond B-3 organ, MiniMoog, and Mellotron seem to permeate the album, re-creating the ear caressing warmth of vintage gear on vinyl.

Another band that springs to mind when listening to "Good Morning Dystopia" is the Canadian band Klaatu and their 1977 album "Hope".

For those with a penchant for tales of our bleak future and the rise of a Dystopian Society might also try the similar themed album "The Great Deception" from Seconds Before Landing also reviewed here.

Once again Progressive Promotions Records continues to deliver the goods. Highly recommended to fans of Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree.

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on April 30th, 2014


01. Prologue (4:51)
02. Fragile Freedom (5:35)
03. Alienation (4:34)
04. Subway (5:13)
05. Red Sky (4:59)
06. Insomnia (6:12)
07. The Guards (9:27)
08. Alaska (4:45)
09. Shine (4:37)
10. Epilogue (3:41)

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