Artist/ Band: Gacy
Title: Original Motion Picture Score
Label: Pascal Records
Year of Release: 2003
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The Review:

Gacy, the original motion picture score is a cross between what Goblin does for Dario Argento’s films and what Univerz Zero (circa Ceux de Hors) does in the RIO genre. This is a very excellent body of work done by Erik Godal and Mark Fontana.

Erik and Mark, provide some of the most dramatic music for a Score in years. Some parts are somber while other’s keep you on the edge of excitement. Although, I’m not sure I’d be interested in seeing the movie but perhaps in the future I will to see how the music fits with the motion picture.

For those who don’t know or remember, here’s a passage from the liner notes that sums up the history. Gacy (John Wayne Gacy) was the model citizen. He even volunteered as a clown for the children at a local hospital. Shockingly, he kept a gruesome secret. A trail of a missing young man led to Gacy’s suburban Chicago home. The nation watched in horror as, one by one, the details of over 30 murders came to light and most victims entombed in the crawl space under his house, were unearthed. Based on a true story of one of the most prolific serial killers in American history, “Gacy” will leave you shocked and in disbelief. This is a highly recommended release of 2003, as long as you put aside the subject matter of “Gacy” then you’ll be just fine.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 17th, 2003


1. Gacy title
2. Campfire struggle
3. Sinkworms
4. Picking Peter
5. Creeping in the night
6. Crawlspace Hal
7. Fanks Garden
8. Bugman Original
9. Bugman in Crawlspace
10. Hammer
11. What's This?
12. Goodbye Family
13. You owe me
14. Picking Roger
15. Bedroom Door/ She's not welcome
16. Never seen a Clown before?
17. Body Drag
18. No speak english
19. Watches
20. Goodbye Gretchena
21. Home Movie/ Tom's awake
22. Last Victim
23. Fake Out Sonata
24. Drinkin and Driving
25. Been a Bad Boy
26. Freak Out/ Clown Dance
27. Escape
28. Cops in the house
29. Cruel World/Gacy theme and credits

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