Artist: Oscuro

Title: Oscuro

Produced by: Steve Denny

Label/ Date: Pascal Record/ 2003


1. Intro
2. Diagoro
3. Ragafari
4. Phantasma
5. Spanish Holiday
6. Spiral Architect
7. Tyme Travel
8. Somewhere Near Morocco
9. Rivera
10. Triana
11. Prelude
12. Suspencia
13. The Arrival
14. Sombras
15. Sparks
16. Axiom
17. Outro
18. 12:09

The Review:

OSCURO (dark or noir in Spanish) is the sole effort of film maker/guitarist Steve Denny with the use of a variety of available samples, ranging from symphonic to industrial. He assembled what is to be an amazing body of work.

The diverse music soundscapes combine with some spoken word exceprts came togetherso well for Steve. The music on this CD has a broad range of styles and moods to be joined by rhythms tones and loops that do create broad soundscapes and support the guitar.

This CD deserves as much attention as possible. A must have for fans of Frippís Soundscapes as well as other noteworthy artists. This is hard to classify but it falls into the progressive music realm with itís ability to transport you to different lands

~Ron for [December 17th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Steve Denny - Guitars & Sonic Landscapes
Tom Maxwell - Drums (Tracks 10, 15)
Jerry Delucca - Drums (Track 8)
Gary Moskowitz - Horn (Track 2)
Christopher Page - Symphonic accompaniment (Tracks 6, 11)

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