Artist/ Band: Osanna
Title: Tempo
Label: Black Widow
Year of Release: 2013
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The Review:

"Tempo" is a 40 page book and a 2 DVD set by the Italian Progressive rock band Osanna. It comes housed in a wonderful DVD size digipak. The book which is written in both Italian and English tells the story of the band from their earliest formation in 1970 up to the present day. It presents an overview of photos from their heyday as well as their more recent concerts.

The first DVD which is presented in 2 parts was recorded Live in Naples at the Trion Theater on October 24th, 2012. The band were promoting their recent release "Rosso Rock". Singer and acoustic guitarist Lino Vairetti is the only original member left from the 70's lineup. He is joined by Irvin Vairetti (vocals, vintage keyboards), Pasquale "Pako" Capobianco (electric guitars), Gennaro Barba (drums), Nello D'Anna (bass guitar) and Sasa Priore (piano, organ, keyboards).

The first part of the DVD presents the band in a more electric style covering a lot of the bands repertoire. The new lineup do a fine job of recreating the bands earlier works. There are also a whole slew of musical guests including David Jackson on sax and flute from Van Der Graaf Generator who performs on most tracks, including a version of VDGG'S "Theme One".Gianni Leone on keyboards and vocals from Il Balletto Di Bronzo performing their class song "Introduzione" from the YS album. Tito Schiapa Jr. on vocals performing "Per La Strada" from his album Orfeo 9. Sophya Baccini on vocals performing "A Zingara" and other guests including Elio Eco, Maurizio Capone, Giampiero Ingrassia and Antonella Morea.

For the second half of the first DVD, the band are joined by the "Rosso Rock Orchestra" who are a string ensemble. DVD 1 is finished off with some back stage footage and other extras.

The second DVD to me is the real surprise. "The Osanna Story" 20 historical video clips from 1971-2009. It includes extracts from the Italian TV RAI archives as well as some live performances. Having had many of these performances on old VHS tapes throughout the years in inferior quality, I have to say it is a most welcome release and a pleasure to finally have this incredible footage all on one DVD in fully restored condition. It includes eleven video clips from 1971-1978 and nine more from 2000-2009.

If you are a fan of Osanna, this release is a necessity. Osanna will be playing the Baja Prog festival in Mexico this April. Anyone that can be there are urged to check it out.

Reviewed by John Longo on March 16th, 2014


Primo Tempo - Side 1
  • DVD 1-1 Rosso Rock - Pazzariello / Piergiorgio
  • DVD 1-2 Fuje 'A Chistu Paese
  • DVD 1-3 Intro Animale - Mirror Train - Taka Boom
  • DVD 1-4 L'Uomo - Ce Vulesse Ce Vulesse - 'A Zingara
  • DVD 1-5 Oro Caldo - L'Amore Vincera' Di Nuovo
  • DVD 1-6 Introduzione
  • DVD 1-7 Everybody's Gonna See You Die
  • DVD 1-8 In Un Vecchio Cieco - Vado Verso Una Meta
  • DVD 1-9 Theme One

    Secondo Tempo - Side 2

  • DVD 1-10 Preludio - Tema - Variazioni - There Will Be Time
  • DVD 1-11 Per La Strada
  • DVD 1-12 Fiume - Fuje 'A Chistu Paese
  • DVD 1-13 'O Culore 'E Napule
  • DVD 1-14 Back Stage And Video Extras

  • DVD 2-1 L'uomo - from the TV show "Speciale Music Pop" 1971
  • DVD 2-2 L'uomo - from the TV show "Speciale tre Milioni" 1971
  • DVD 2-3 L'uomo - from the TV show "Stasera Si" 1971
  • DVD 2-4 L'uomo - from the TV show "Domenica Insieme" 1971
  • DVD 2-5 Money - from the TV show "Speciale tre Milioni" 1971
  • DVD 2-6 Non Sei Vissuto Mai - from the TV show "Amico Flauto" 1972
  • DVD 2-7 Animale Senza Respiro - from the TV show "2nd Festival d'Avanguardia e Nuove Tendenze" 1972
  • DVD 2-8 Variazioni 1/2 - from the TV show "Tutto e Pop" 1972
  • DVD 2-9 Oro Caldo - from the TV show "Adesso Musica" 1973
  • DVD 2-10 Fuje 'A Chistu Paese / Oro Caldo - from the TV show "Adesso Musica" 1973
  • DVD 2-11 'A Zingara - from the TV show "Domenica In" 1978
  • DVD 2-12 L'uomo - Video clip from the CD "Taka Boom" 2000
  • DVD 2-13 Ce Vulesse Ce Vulesse - from the DVD live "Osanna - Uomini e Miti" 2001
  • DVD 2-14 Fuje 'A Chistu Paese / Oro Caldo - from the DVD live "Osanna - Uomini e Miti" 2001
  • DVD 2-15 There Will Be Time - from the TV show "Concerto per l'Epifania 2009
  • DVD 2-16 L'uomo - from live concert "Osanna - Prog Family" 2009
  • DVD 2-17 Landscape of Life - from live concert "Osanna - Prog Family" 2009
  • DVD 2-18 Everybody's Gonna See You Die - from live concert "Osanna - Prog Family" 2009
  • DVD 2-19 Solo Uniti - from live concert "Osanna - Prog Family" 2009
  • DVD 2-20 Sogni D'oro - from live concert "Osanna - Prog Family" 2009

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