Artist/ Band: Operation ID
Title: Legs
Label: Tables & Chairs
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

This is a very young (college age) innovative band from Seattle that has a delicious stew pot of styles in their debut offering called “Legs”. The line up is Ivan Arteaga - alto sax, Rob Hanlon - keys & EWI, Jarod Borkowski - guitar, David Balatero - bass, and Evan Woodle - drums. It surprises me how mature they sound in the areas of music they are delving into. You get more gleeful surprises in nine songs than you’d ever expect upon first listen. There is minimalist, art rock, progressive rock, avant jazz, free jazz, and much more. The band has a nice series of self described terms which may be the more direct view: “Seattle’s only minimalistic, avant-garde, electro-pop, noise-cluster, synth-rock, free-jazz, experimental, dance-prog band”.

Despite all the attempts to tag the music, safe to say if you like a combination of mid period King Crimson, The Muffins, Heldon, Can, Soft Verdict, Tortoise, earliest period Gong and David Allen (minus the vocals), and a touch of Magma, then you have a clear jewel of a recording here. You’ll find more ingredients on your own. I’m just giving you a taste of the flavors for review sake. Except for a quick vocal ensemble shout out in the beginning and some cool harmony vocal at the start and end of ‘Empty Space’ (track 8) , this is an all instrumental spin round the room multi genre CD. The voices you hear are certainly warm and perfectly good so I don’t know why they didn’t use them more. It would have given the mix even more expansion and color. All the musicians play like seasoned pros and there are no weak links.

Operation ID have been playing not only their standard gigs but also interesting gigs called ‘Music Makes You Move’ where they improv on the spot, by physical body movements. Composed portions of the music have rehearsed, choreographed body movements (dance moves), while sections with freely improvised music are fed by impromptu physical activity from the audience. Cool or what? So this band is innovative in many ways and are not sitting still for their recognition. I’ve seen so many bands in the Seattle region and this is one of the most unique and I feel, up and coming. They’ve played the Seattle Art Museum, Café Racer, University of Washington, amongst many more, and appeared on Jazz Now!, Seattle. They also were nominated for "LoveSound Magazine" album of the year 2011. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this band and I’m looking forward to hearing a next recording. Be sure to check out and download their new 2 track single called ‘Trapped” for two more tasty experimental music servings that are even be better than the main release. They use their vocals again and this time with full lyrics. The drummer really steps it up on these two cuts. Marimba is added for that absolute spot on element and the music is clearly stepped up to an even higher notch. Proof of more great things to come. Excellent CD! Fantastic new single. Recommended all the way around the table!!!!!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on July 9th, 2012


01. Here I Am 02:30
02. Think Accessories 05:03
03. Warning 06:02
04. Seal Your Sight So Your Body Is Gone 07:04
05. Different People's Perception of the Same Thing 04:51
06. The Muse 05:17
07. Where Are You? 03:09
08. Empty Space 04:51
09. Frightened Explorer 04:58

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