Artist/ Band: Oliver Wakeman
Title: Mother's Ruin
Label: Progrock Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Aside from being the son of the world famous keyboardist, When Rick Wakeman, I know nothing about Oliver Wakeman. I figured that I was in for a treat, mainly because of the namesake. Oliverís latest album, Motherís Ruin, is his ninth to date and first for the Progrock Records label. I was rather looking forward to hear what Oliverís music was all about! Once I heard this album, I was reminded of the days when I first was exploring progressive rock in the mid 1990's. This album unlike his previous keyboard based album or concept albums heís done before, has a Ďbandí effort to it.

On this album, Motherís Ruin Oliver surrounded himself with some excellent musicians such as Dave Wagstaffe on drums and he vocals of Moon Kinnaird, both of which are familiar to me as veterans of the 90's British prog movement, Joining them are David Mark Pearce on guitars and Tim Buchanan on bass. Oliver not only does the keyboards, tastefully done I might add, he wrote all the words and the music for the album.

The music style is on the more accessible side progressive rock, in fact Iíd best describe it as melodic hard rock with a symphonic edge. I know that this album isnít ground breaking or innovative but I donít really think Oliver cares. I think he wanted to make a album that would appeal to fans of melodic music, especially those that enjoy the neo-prog genre. Fans of Arena, Satellite and Pallas will undoubtably eat this up and beg for more.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 28th, 2006


1. Don't Come Running
2. The Agent
3. In The Movies
4. Walk Away
5. Mother's Ruin
6. Calling For You
7. If You're Leaving
8. I Don't Believe In Angels
9. Wall of Water

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