Artist/ Band: Ole Lukkoye
Title: Petroglyphs
Label: Trail Records
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

This is a large group (at least on this release) of musicians and not a person named Ole Lukkoye. It must be noted that this is a compilation CD from previous releases with some songs recorded exclusive to this release. There is no notes with CD or on site to spell which songs are new or old but suffice to say this sounds like a very connected and fresh group of songs from the band. The main members are Boris Bardush, Andrey Lavrinenko and Alexander Frolov ( listed as Frol). The members are from St Petersburg, Russia. Trail Records is a cool American label that issues (and many times reissues) some of these fine treasures from other countries. Some may be happy to know this was produced by Hans Joachim Irmler (Germany) of Faust fame.

The music on Petroglyphs is very ritualistic and ethno cross culture world beat sound that contains space, folk, eastern, jungle and ambient, Shaman, and even electronic tribal in the vein of Jon Hassell. Among the eleven musicians, they play over twenty instruments, so the abundance of textures and varied sound is there. Also some really nice vocals done in a very easy to listen to, soothing way even with the harmonies and multi voices. The music takes you many places but all of them are out of this commercial world. None of the music is abrasive or hard to listen to. The songs each have a rhythmic groove and structure. I found it entrancing and I happily did repeated listens. Everything from guitars, keyboards, didgeridoo, snake flute, cow horn, trumpet, ocarina, djembe, cello, tons of percussion and “dwarf’s scream”. So let your imagination run until you actually here this disc.

I had not heard any of Ole Lukkoye before this CD and it makes me want to research for more. I own and enjoy similar styled albums from Loop Guru, Steve Roach, Rappoon, Pablo’s Eye, Tri Atma and many more in that genre. Petroglyphs has lots of energy and much of it is dance friendly, if you like tribal dance grooves and lots of changes thrown in along the way. So sit back, relax and let this music take you for a trip or two. A really nice and interesting (the kind you want to keep and listen to more than once) release.

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on February 17th, 2011


01. Zapara 8:10
02. Ankara Karachi 5:36
03. Became A Sky 7:42
04. Children 5:48
05. Melting 7:54
6. White Stone 9:11
07. Zagoralos' 11:56
08. Sleepy Herbs 6:48
09. Horsetiger 7:30
10. Free Warrior 7:03

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