Artist/ Band: Noskcirre Notsew
Title: Picking Bones
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

A very quirky side project of Echolyn's Ray Weston. The music on this cd done is an alternative style similar to Mr Bungle at times and Land of Chocolate at others. So far "Picking Bones" isn't available for mass purchase and most likely never will. I received my CD-R copy via Echolyn's webmaster, and I promised him a review. Maybe the press that 'Picking Bones' gets, will help get Ray to make this available to the masses of fans. I'm sure that most progressive music fans would love to hear the wonderful talent of Ray outside of his usual musical outlets both solo and with Echolyn.

At the time of writing this review there were samples on the site. If you can find some samples you'll be able to hear for yourself.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 8th, 2002 (edited on May 3rd, 2010)


1. Sludge [5:28]
2. Lonesome Secrets [4:17]
3. Thus Spake te Pentagram [2:31]
4. Wicked Turns the Worm [3:41]
5. Beneath the Sea [9:04]
6. Picking Bones [1:18]
7. Night of the Cephalopods [1:30]
8. Circling the Drain [3:05]
9. A Perfect Machine [3:13]
10. Seconds [1:16]
11. Real Horror Show [5:35]
12. Interupton #1 [1:44]
13. Sleep is a Game the Incubus Play [1:15]
14. Interuption #2 [1:45]
15. When Our Dreams are Devoured by the Wolves at the Door [3:31]
16. Soul to Meet [1:51]
17. Came a Beast [5:27]
18. Interuption #3 [2:00]
19. Waiting For You [1:21]
20. Don't... [1:41]

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