Artist/ Band: New Orleans Stick Band
Title: Fear Of New Shoes
Label: Four Cats/Radionic Records
Year of Release: 1989/2003
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The Review:

New Orleans Stick Band are quite unique that mixes smooth jazz, fusion and the wonderful sounds of the Chapman Stick. The band consists of David Goodman (Stick/keyboards), Tim Green (saxophones), Dennis Elliot (violin), James Cabiran (drums) and Carol Robinson (vocals). Back in 1989 the band recorded 8 songs ranging from “smooth” jazz with vocals (“Stretch Limo”) to some slightly eclectic fusion (“Hecto Electric”) and even some funk (“Bongo Run“). The album that these songs are on is called ‘Fear Of New Shoes’.

In 2003, the album was remastered and for the first time released on CD with four new “bonus” tracks. The new(er) songs while not straying from the formula they used in 1989 but with a more updated sound production. I heard they’re going to do a follow-up and let’s hope they don’t take almost 20 years to release it. Timing is everything.

I have to admit that even after several listens, nothing gelled to me. Not that music isn’t top quality, just not really something I’d reach for when I want to scratch that itch for jazz music. If you enjoy the “smoother” side of fusion oriented jazz then this album and band should be on your radar. You can hear samples on their CD Baby page. For those of you downloaders it’s on iTunes, E-music and others.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 31st, 2009


01. Air Conditioning
02. Fear Of New Shoes
03. Stretch Limo
04. A Little On The Side
05. No Turn On Red
06. Nothing To Do
07. Bar Talk
08. Hecto Electric

Bonus tracks (2003):

09. Eeore Minor
10. Creep City
11. Pastafari
12. Bongo Run

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