Artist/ Band: Nordagust
Title: In The Mist Of Morning
Label: Karisma Records
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

In the grand tradition of Scandinavian progressive rock comes the latest band from Norway, Nordagust and their album In The Mist Of Morning. Originally the album was in demo form in 2007 and it wasn’t until 2010 that the finished product was made available to the world via Karisma Records. The band consists of Daniel Solheim (guitars, keyboards, dulcimer, mandolin, vocals, flute), Ketil Berg (drums & percussion, vocals), Knud Strand (bass), Jostein Schonberg (keyboard, flute, vocals), Sissel Os (keyboard, vocals) and Guro Strand (guitars, keyboards).

The music on In The Mist Of Morning is dark and doomy in parts but nothing too depressing. One of the prominent instruments is the Mellotron. Ever since 1993, it’s almost been something of a requirement that all Scandinavian prog bands must have a Mellotron or two amongst their instruments.

In The Mist Of Morning is a hauntingly beautiful album which flows endlessly that requires the listener to make time to sit down and listen to every nuance. I found it best to listen to on headphones, as you hear more of the music without distractions. That being said, I have some favorites that I feel are highlights on the album. First of which is the opening self titled track which immediately set the mood for the entire album. Others are “Elegy” (8:59) and “Elegy Epilogue” (2:51) of which ends the album perfectly enough as it began.

I will warn those that vocals are something of an acquired taste and might take a little longer to get used to them. But once you do, the vocals fit’s the vibe of the music. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a darker winter’s day but can be heard and appreciated by everyone.

In closing, if you’re into Scandinavian prog past of present, then purchasing Nordagust’s debut In The Mist Of Morning, is a no-brainer. I guarantee that once it clicks with you, you’ll agree that it’s an important album, regardless of any region in the world. So I leave you with a two word verdict of this album, highly recommended. It fits snugly with the rest of the Scandinavian prog in your collection.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 30th, 2011


01. In The Mist Of Morning
02. Expectations
03. Mysterious Ways
04. In The Woods
05. Elegy
06. Forcing
07. Frozen
08. The Tide
09. Make Me Believe
10. Elegy (Epilogue)

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