Artist/ Band: Noise Control
Title: The Room At The End Of The Hall
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Noise Control is a new progressive hard rock trio from Vancouver, Canada, consisting of leader Reggie Hache (vocals/bass), Chris Robertson (guitars) and Kelly Stodola (drums). Together this trio creates a more hard progressive rock/grunge metal style that concentrates on short concise songs on their debut The Room At The End Of The Hall. The band has the album available as a free download, but I implore you to pay for the goods. It will help the band create more music in the future.

The Room At The End Of The Hall clocks in at just a bit over the 27 minute mark, which to me would qualify this release as a EP. Iím sure that was the goal of ring leader Reggie. The music is very raw sounding to be lumped in with most progressive metal bands of today. This quality keeps Noise Control in an original camp.

I hear some progressive hard rock and even grunge moments on this EP. I feel the band could expand on the ideas present on each of the seven tracks, without adding filler. Since the album or EP is short, I wonít describe each song but if you enjoy raw progressive hard rock with a grunge metal twist, then I would suggest you get yourself a hard copy of The Room At The End Of The Hall ASAP!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 16th, 2010


01. Severed
02. NCR
03. Addiction
04. Breathing Lies
05. Priss
06. Shine
07. TRATEOTH Video

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