Artist/ Band: Myhybris
Title: The Sweet Of Resilience
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Myhybris was formed back in December 2003 and although they released an EP in 2006 (Pretty Scares) they consider the Sweet Melody of Resilience in 2008 as their proper debut. It is being called a ‘short’ album rather than an EP. Think of it as a primer for things to come. In correspondence with the band, Pretty Scares is really different as they were a quintet: Maks (singer). At that time they weren’t sure as to what musical direction they were headed for. Based on my understanding it was recorded document that represented them at that particular time.

The band consists of Nicolas Pascal (guitars), Sylvain Mazeau (bass), Olivier Riva (drums) & Morgane Falaize (keyboards). Joining the quartet are Amelie Festa (vocals on title track), Christophe Denhtz (vocals), Jean-Pierre Riva (keyboard solo on “Children’s Games”), Patrick “Patou” Quartenoud (saxophone) and Aurore, Caroline, Clelia, Dorothee & Laetita (backing vocals).

The music can be classified as “progressive” where as it transcends any one genre with equal parts symphonic, metal, jazz & gothic. The band seems to be influenced by a variety of sources like Pink Floyd, The Gathering (with Anneke circa 1995), The Pineapple Thief, Porcupine Tree to name a few. They are quite unique as they don’t really don’t wear their influences on their sleeves, it’s goes deeper than that.

The Sweet Melody Of Resilience is a concept album that tells the tragic story of young twin sisters that left one surviving the ordeal. While alone in an orphanage. Anne was seeking resilience. Even in death, they are connected in a bond that could possibly be much stronger than any regular siblings‘ connections.

The entire album, in my opinion could be classified more as a ‘suite’ of music rather than individual songs, with the title track being the centerpiece. The band creates music in about 27 minutes that takes others double or triple the time. Since each song is woven into another, I have to say the entire album IS the highlight. It gets better each time you listen to it.

At the time of writing this review, the band is working on the continuation of the story started here. I hope the character of Anne is explored more as with her deceased sister. This is easily one of the best albums of 2008. Had I reviewed this in 2008, it would have easily been on my top favorite releases. I can proudly say this is a recommended release that should be in every gothic symphonic metal fan’s collection.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 24th, 2010


01. Intro
02. Chapter 1: Children's Games
03. Chapter 2: The Pursuit
04. On The Edge Of Madness
05. Chapter 3: The Sweet Of Resilience
06. Only A Path
07. Chapter 4: The Shining Truth
08. Outro

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