Artist/ Band: Multifuse
Title: Journey To The Nesting Place
Label: Crooked cat Music
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Sixteen years in the making, Multifuse releases it’s debut Journey To The Nesting Place. The band is headed up by multi instrumentalist Peter Fallowell who is joined by vocalist Cherie Emmitt and bassist Tom Allen. I was doing research on this band and sadly found it has vastly overlooked by most of the Progressive music community. Upon listening to the for the first time, I found the music to be a mixture of classic progressive rock and jazz influences. While I regard the band on it’s own merit, it mostly reminds me of something like Magenta or Renaissance mixed in with Camel or even Alan Parsons Project.

A quote to the band’s website best describes the meaning and reason behind creating the music, “It is an exploration of dreams and nightmares and admission of fears and the need to be loved“ is pretty accurate. The highlight of the album, for me, is the epic closer “Yours Again” a beautiful sounding song that has a very melodic almost symphonic quality to it. Every time I listen to it, it's like reliving a dream-like state and I hear new things as well.

If you enjoy the melodic side of progressive rock as well as fans of Camel, Magenta or Alan Parsons Project then implore you to check out the samples on MySpace and purchasing the album ASAP! Highly recommended release for 2008 and beyond! I can't wait to hear what's next!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 30th, 2009


01. Hypnotise
02. Day To Day/ Your World
03. Answer You
04. Yours Again

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