Artist/ Band: Most Unpleasant Men
Title: Most Unpleasant Men
Label: Cubicle Records
Year of Release: 2013
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The Review:

Second official full length (they have “A Collection of Scraps” CD of odds and ends as well as official debut) release by progressive art pop Dutch band Most Unpleasant Men. Now a five piece (on their debut, 2009's “Nothing Moves Slower”, they were less the female member), the band moves slightly away (but not entirely) from the sparse early to mid period Nits-like intellectual quirky pop to a more harmony and friendly set of tunes. Not without the oddness in both lyrics and music (which drew me to this band to begin with) the styles touch on some of the crafty Talking Heads vein. It’s still a sure bet that anyone who loves the Dutch band Nits, who has been a great band involving Robert Jan Stips (from Supersister fame) for the bulk of the time, will love this 2013 self titled release as well as their debut. I found it strange that they decided to do a self titled recording on their sophomore release but perhaps it was a new start to them with the added member and the happier atmosphere. The female vocals added into the harmonies make for a warmer more wide appeal.

All the songs are very strong with not a bad one in the bunch. Keyboard dominated music with R. J. Stips-like lead vocals and lots of changes in the compositions keep things interesting. Song writing on all levels is superb. Joram Tornij and Jelte Heringa have a gift for setting up simple melodies and building a great sometimes complex tune. Catchy words add to the success of these arty, colorful, and imaginative pieces. Guest musicians are added throughout to round out this fine disc. I’ve followed this band for four years since I first tripped across their first release. Although not always easy to buy in the USA, the effort to reach out to them will prove to be a wonderful find for all the music lovers into a spread of avant pop, art pop, and minimalist pop all in one formula. I dream of more releases by this band. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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Reviewed by Lee Henderson on September 15th, 2013


01. Everybody Does [3:32]
02. Fall of the City [3:34]
03. Man [3:27]
04. Hole in the Ground [3:42]
05. Hippie [1:52]
06. Stairs [4:12]
07. It Ticks [3:40]
08. Dead Cat [3:59]
09. Doorsteps [4:00]
10. Blankets [2:39]
11. Alibi [3:33]
12. This Is It [4:14]
13. Not That Kind [2:22]

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