Artist/ Band: Mike Florio
Title: Arisen
Label: Independent Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Arisen, the debut CD from keyboardist/ vocalist Mike Florio. It features seven songs that have been accumulated over the past seven years and written with a symphonic prog/AOR feel. The music reminds me of most of the earlier 80's progressive rock bands that crossed over into the AOR field. The instrumentation of this album is very straight forward but has enough of a symphonic flare to it to not be completely considered a AOR band. The band plays solid through-out the album, nothing overly that jumps out at you but wonderful to listen to again and again. Vocally Mike reminds me at times of Damian Wilson of Threshold, Landmarq and Ayreon fame.

If I had to categorize Mike Florio's music, I would put him in league with various bands and artists such as the more known Asia, solo John Wetton and Jadis and the lesser known Aethellis and Jaugernaut A.D. What sets Mike Florio apart from these bands is he combines old with new thus becoming one of the better artists in the modern progressive music history. So far this is one of my favorite releases 2006 since it has all the elements I look for in progressive rock.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Arisen to fans of the more melodic progressive rock as well as fans of the afore mentioned bands. I look forward to hearing more from him, so let's hope he gets the recognition and support he needs for many more recordings in the years to come.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 11th, 2006


1. Bells For 1827
2. Binary World
3. Fractured
4. Pretending
5. Media Ride
6. Paradise of Stone
7. Violent Moods

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