Artist/ Band: Metaphorest
Title: Volume One
Label: Emporiana
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

Published in November of 2011, Metaphorest is a magnificent display of deep talent and dream time lushness. Presented in a 8 panel full color beautiful designed digipak that recalls the work of Bosch, it makes the download world look pathetic. Cool 20 page booklet too. Everything is ethereal, including the music, the voice, and the package. Produced by Lawrie Brewster, who also does part of the artwork along with Jenyffer Maria, Metaphorest is actually a front name for a young Irish singer named Sarah Daly who is integrated into the front artwork, standing in a garden hugging a giant bird. She said she stood out in her garden real time with one leg up in the air, pretending to hug the bird, to have this fused into the cover art. I actually thought it was animated but looking closer, it is a real photo of her.

This is a perfect storm of Kate Bush and Virginia Astley with a hint of Innocence Mission. Softly sung pastel countryside progressive folk pop in that happy little corner called innocence and youth. By the time you get to track 5 (‘Clocks Back’) there is no turning back, you’re at the mercy of the music now. The CD is divided into two parts. ‘Overground’ and ‘Underground’, which basically represents the light and the dark. There is a little more in the booklet to allow the listener some insights. Let me just say that sometimes you aren’t sure which part you are listening to, as intermingled with the nursery rhyme type songs, are the images that may haunt or tug at the curiosity cells of your brain. One thing never ambiguous is the sweet melancholia of her voice.

The ‘Underground’ part of the recording begins with a sensual and poignant song that has the undertow feel of Kate Bush’s most eerie work. You get track after track of mysterious, fantastic, and charming, to the point of addictive, compositions. If you only like fast paced rock or fusion then you’ll have to find another release. This is slow moving and unfolding, unwavering, and just enchanting to the max. If you want to hear lovely, striking, haunting candid, and supremely crafted songs, then this is not to be missed.

She thanks her brothers and parents for the support and has a cast of backup musicians, that are located all over the world. The internet makes some things so possible now. They all do a grand job to make it big when it needs to be big. These musicians include Spaceship, Yousef Khalil, Craig Sutherland, Andy McDonald, Anthony Ferraro, Mark Satta, Matt Sigler, Ryan Patrick, Robert J. Mills, Jeremy Mullins, thesherbethead, and David Ding. There is also an intro in the booklet that describes her music as “a selection of mixed metaphors, a medley of offerings plucked from the ether, for your ears only”. Absolutely perfect! At age 28 she has more great things to come. ‘Siren Calling’ will make Kate Bush fans wet their pants with joy. I just can’t say enough about how great this CD is. You get a surprise bonus track at the end that I’ll leave to the buyer to discover.

I’m already craving the next volume of this wondrous listening experience. I assume there is to be a Volume II since the title of this is Volume I. I have a four more words that I feel about this disc. Remarkable! Stunning! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on July 11th, 2012


01. Oh, Captain 4:15
02. Lake Like Glass 2:01
03. My Friendly Skeleton 3:59
04. Hindsight 2:31
05. Clocks Back 3:09
06. Smile Bomb 2:36
07. Flawed Romance 2:58
08. Everything, Baby 2:07
09. Wanderer 2:39
10. Skin of the Wolf 3:33
11. Take Her to the Forest 2:28
12. Conquistador 2:57
13. Shelter 1:58
14. Ant On a Rock 2:38
15. The Tailor and the Seamstress 4:07
16. Apologist 4:25
17. Shadow Wonder 3:33
18. See Me 3:28
19. Siren Calling 3:36
20. Empire 3:17
21. Wanderer ( bonus track - remix )

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