Artist/ Band: Mats/Morgan Band
Title: On The Air With Guests
Label: Ultimate Audio Entertainment
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

In 2002 Morgan Agren was asked to do a series of shows on Swedish television about drumming. The result of that was the On Air With Guests cd released that same year. The music on the CD contains a number of jingles in between the longer tracks. The style of the band is very jazz rock with some funk driven chaotic metal guitar passages.

This is not for the average listener, this is complete utter chaos that unfortunately won’t get much rotations in any of my cd player. This is not really the music I can honestly say I’d enjoy. I do thank Morgan Argen for sending this cd to me. In fact it’s taken me several months to put down the right words to convey what it meant to me. By no means am I saying this is a bad album. It is very well done in instrumentation and musicianship. Mats & Morgan are musician’s musicians.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 10th, 2004


01. En Schizofrens Dagbok 6:15
02. Spök-jingle 0:48
03. Hollmervalsen 7:57
04. Knut-jingle 0:13
05. Chicken 7:01
06. Jigsaw-jingle 0:13
07. Sol Niger Within 5:40
08. Advokaten 7:31
09. Watch Me-jingle 0:13
10. Min Häst 6:49
11. Etage A-41 6:00
12. Dagens Övning-jingle 0:17
13. She’s Louder Than Me, But I’ve Got The Microphone 4:22
14. Baader Puff/Paltsug 3:26
15. Mats-jingle 1:04
16. Ta Ned Trasan 8:26
17. Hard To Find-jingle 0:12
18. Trum-jingle 0:27

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