Artist/ Band: Mass Infusion
Title: The Antibody
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

I got a package in the mail a few months ago from a local (Los Angeles area) band called Mass Infusion and their debut album called "The Antibody". The band consists of Pete Zayas (Vocals, Keyboards), Andres Martinez (Guitars), Tom Zayas (Bass), Gomer (Guitars) and Animal (Drums).

I must admit I wasn't sure what to expect but once I played the CD, I was floored by the high-energy mixture of hard rock, classical, symphonic, punk, salsa, metal, jazz, and much more. These guys have (in many ways) successfully fused these styles into a mass infusion of music that really defies classification.

There are some standout favorite tracks that I just gets played over and over such as the opening track “String Theory” (a symphonic classical meets salsa meets metal instrumental piece), ’Absolute Zero” (which reminds me of a 70’s progressive symphonic hard rock), and ’Winding Down” (a melodic symphonic metal piece).

In closing if you’re looking for an inventive progressive hard rock/metal band, look no further than Mass Infusion. The give the genre a much needed kick in the ….. You get the picture! Mass Infusion are a band that I think have a great future not only in the progressive genre but those that desire something very different in their hard rock/metal. They’ll achieve this mostly through places like MySpace rather than mainstream media. I’d recommend this band and their debut to those that enjoy the harder edged style of music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 8th, 2007


1. String Theory
2. Chemical Warefare
3. Permission
4. Gimme All Yer Geetars!
5. Shut You in
6. Absolute Zero
7. The Art of Motivation
8. Sitari
9. 2am hero
10. Para You
11. Winding Down

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