Artist/ Band: Markus Reuter
Title: Kopfmensch
Label: Unsung Productions
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

Since this is a compilation CD of Markus with many of his friends, it contains solo and various group songs from his huge recording library. But it’s far more than that. I for one, used to shy away from compilations, but there were a couple of markers that I reversed my decision on. One being that if a compilation had unreleased tracks, it was of big interest to me, and if any tracks were remixed, redone, or any type alternative version, then I was ready to inspect this release. I am happy to say that both markers are present on this baby.

This is a surprise package of many moods and styles, with great guest spots such as Tim Bowness on a vocal track (from No Man) and just a frenzy of material. One important note, some songs are actually different versions from the original so both the fact that I feel it stands alone on its own as a comp, plus the fact that you get bonus non CD material (we used to call it ‘non LP material’), makes it a winner both ways!

This is one of the few cases for me, in which a compilation album is truly a new sounding recording and stands on it’s own and is worthy of repeat listens. Although it may be a bit of a neck jerking listening experience for those thinking it will be a celestial mind floating solo, I beg those who have never heard a release by Mr. Reuter to give this a spin. You get a little bit of everything he has been involved with (Tuner, Stick Men, Centrozoon, Blld “Build” and a few of his collaborations including Toyah Wilcox) to a point. He’s famous for his touch guitar and brilliant explorative astronomical compositions but you will see his wide taste and skills in other genre’s here. It will surprise some just how many styles of music Reuter has been involved with over the years. It’s easy to see he is not finished exploring yet.

There is a wealth of information on these individual tracks on his website ( use the link at the top to get all the data ). I chose not to attempt to include it all in this review as it would have been very lengthy. I printed out 5 pages of information just from the tracks. Fans will love seeing all the sources and new discoveries they find. As far as the music itself? From dreamy pop to ambient lush space music, and heavier territories, even a rare almost impossible to find track or two, this is one compilation of 16 compositions I am happy to own and quick to recommend. High standards, great ideas, smart writing, and a very generous serving of new to newly done (he gets a gracious amount of help from Adrian Benavides on remixes and additional drum programming) music for you to hear and own.

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on September 11th, 2012


01. History (3:55)
02. Absalom (4:39)
03. Make Me Forget (4:59)
04. Lemon Crash (2:23)
05. 1200 Sundays (3:22)
06. OHM (4:41)
07. Mariola (4:20)
08. Dervish (3:56)
09. Swansong (2:35)
10. Mauls of Reclining (3:17)
11. 11-11 (10:43)
12. Reception (3:04)
13. Flinch (3:32)
14. Stones (5:19)
15. Same Time Next Life (5:12)
16. Beat (5:36)

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