Artist/ Band: Marco Ciargo
Title: Poema Sinfónico Eléctrico
Label: Mellow Records
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Its title easily translated and its mission statement bluntly interpreted, guitarist Marco Ciargo also handled all keyboard, bass, and percussion duties on this nearly fifty-minute-long instrumental classical rock opus. Poema is meant to be indulged as a whole, a tapestry of sorts; the interlinked pieces aren't meant to stand alone, though some of them certainly do without much trouble. The Sinfónico refers to the orchestra players that assist in Ciargo's realization of his concept; the results are pleasant, arguably pastoral-leaning, and not exactly "incendiary" in the sense guitarists like Howe, Hackett and Latimer are known for exacting. Poema wouldn't be out of place on Windham Hill, either, and its sonic environment is easily adaptable to a visual scheme with its shorter interludes and longer eight-minute and ten-minute-long segments. Overall, very enjoyable and comparable to the subtler music recorded by progressive artists like Phil Keaggy and Roger Powell.

Reviewed by Elias Granillo Jr on January 6th, 2012


01. Movimiento no. 1 (7:21)
02. Movimiento no. 2 (2:23)
03. Movimiento no. 3 (6:21)
04. Movimiento no. 4 (2:15)
05. Movimiento no. 5 (4:41)
06. Movimiento no. 6 (10:35)
07. Movimiento no. 7 (7:36)
08. Movimiento no. 8 (8:06)

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