Artist/ Band: Malpractice
Title: Deviation from the Flow
Label: Spinefarm
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

“Malpractice” is a band from Finland that was originally formed in 1994. The line-up changed a couple of times until 1999 and remained the same ever since. It’s their demo “Circles and Lines” (in 2004) that got them noticed from the Spinefarm Records company, but they recorded a big number of them in the past. I never listened to their first album “Of Shape and Balance” (released in 1998) but “Deviation from the Flow” definitely made them known all around the world. That second full-length album has 8 songs and a length of 50 minutes. But it’s a 50 minutes totally worth !!

In many reviews that I read, I see that “Malpractice” was often closely compared to “Dream Theater”. Well, I do not agree 100% to be honest. Maybe in some tracks, the influence is there but it’s not something that is that evident. I find them very different, in fact. The vocals are, in my opinion, very unique and that band surely has it’s own and proper (and great!) style !! Every track has its own personality, no matter if its in the way the vocals are sung or if it’s on the music side. The record has a great progressive metal sound (haha!), but I would not associate it automatically to other known bands – or at least – not to those I already know. I especially like “The Long Run”, “The Industry” (vocals are sung in a really different way, which I like very much) and “Fragile Pages”, for the guitars. Besides, the two guitarists are immensely talented (speed, complexity) and consist of the biggest strength of the album. I was very impressed !! My favourite parts, I guess, which are quite numerous. But all the songs are interesting to listen to as much as each other. Other important aspect to mention: the sound quality is excellent!

For me, “Deviation from the Flow” was a great pleasure to discover and was very original in itself. I would not hesitate to listen to their next albums and see till where they can go! Great job! This album would be well worth a 8.5/10 ! ;-)

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on February 17th, 2006


1. Assembly Line (5:48)
2. Colours In Between (4:50)
3. The Industry (4:25)
4. The Long Run (7:19)
5. Dividedd (5:51)
6. Expedition (5:57)
7. Circles In The Sand (6:15)
8. Fragile Pages (9:36)

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