Artist/ Band: Magellan
Title: Symphony For A Misanthrope
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Magellan returns with their sixth album (second for InsideOut Music) which pretty much treads similar ground as previous efforts but with a more symphonic edge. The music is good but nothing jumps out and grabs you. They just donít seem to be pushing the envelope of creativity to be deemed a progressive rock band. Iím a fan of their earlier works up until Test Of Wills. After that I lost interest in the band, only to be re-introduced with Magellanís InsideOut debut a few years ago. Maybe to save face, they can be called symphonic hard rock band with song-based AOR moment? Iím sorry thereís barely enough trace elements of a progressive rock band here. Although I think that fans of Magellanís style of music will love this album.

Symphony For A Misanthropeís center piece is the epic Cranium Reef Suite. After several listens I think this song was way too long and should have been several shorter pieces.

I do like this bandís music ideas ever since I first heard them on Impending Ascension but for some reason on this release they never really come to completion. Sort of a mixed bag of riffs and passages. With that said, this album does contain one of my favorite Magellan songs, Wisdom. It reminds me of how Welcome To The Machine sounds.

This is one of the least favorite releases of 2005 but thatís just my view. Yourís might be different especially if youíre a long-time fan!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 30th, 2005


1. Symphonette
2. Why Water Weeds?
3. Wisdom
4. Cranium Reef Suite
5. Pianissimo Intermission
6. Doctor Concoctor
7. Every Bullet Needs Blood

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