Artist/ Band: Lodgic
Title: Nomandic Sands (LP)
Label: A&M Records
Year of Release: 1985
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The Review:

Ok. So it's like 1980-81. I'm singing in this band playing original music ala Rush or Journey. At the Troubadour, we open for a band by the name of Lodgic. Extremely impressed by there sound check, we looked forward to coming out front to enjoy the show after we played. The band was incredible! At this time they totaled eight members. Including two keyboardists, two drummers, two guitars, bass and five who sang, all playing music whose vocals reminded me of Styx or Kansas and progressive-style was akin to Genesis' "Duke" era.

Moving forward to 1985-86, I'm thumbing through the vinyl cut-out bins (remember those?) and I find their David Paich & Steve Porcaro produced 1985 record. This recording seems inspired by Yes' successful 1983 "90125" album, which was probably instrumental in this band getting a recording contract. At this time they have reduced their group to only five players. Anyway, one William Sherwood (bass, vocals) and his brother Mike (lead vocal, keyboards) are on this album and we all know what happened to Billy Sherwood in the latter 90's. I can't believe that I saw Billy Sherwood in the early 80ís pre-World Trade, pre-Yes and only recently discovered it! Jimmy Haun (guitar, vocals) and Guy Allison Steiner (keyboards, vocals) have established some prog creds as well.

The album begins with "Romance" and guitar & vocals that are very Trevor Rabin-era Yes inspired. Next is "Step Back," almost like something from Saga's "World's Apart." The band at times almost reminds me of what Saga might sound like with Styx-quality harmonies. "Lonely Man" is a great song with incredible lush vocals in a more pop-prog style. The A-side closes with "Rise & Fall," a fast-paced keyboard driven song that's quite good.

As the B-side opens, I keep thinking more and more of 90125. "Push So Hard" has those same electronic brass punchy parts that "Owner of a Lonely Heart" plays with. Lodgic uses it to good effect here, as this is my favorite song on the album. It is followed by the Cars-like "In the Cards," a nice little song that could have been a hit during this period if anyone had even heard of this album. Another great song is the title track "Nomadic Sands" placed in the middle of the B-side of the record. All ten tracks are good quality progressive rock with 80ís commercial leanings.

This band was never popular and it is lucky that I even became familiar with them as I would never have known about Lodgic if not for witnessing their incredible Troubadour performance. Seek this out if you enjoy Saga, Yes' Rabin years or Genesis' early 80ís output. With Billy Sherwood being an established prog player now and a couple of these players joining Alan White and Tony Kaye in the newest Yes-offshoot band Circa:, there should be renewed interest in this album. Where is the Lodgic CD?

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on April 20th, 2007


Side A:
1. Romance 4:37
2. Step Back 4:12
3. Lonely Man 4:37
4. Red Light 4:30
5. Rise & Fall 4:07

Side B:
1. Push So Hard 5:21
2. In the Cards 4:26
3. Nomadic Sands 4:10
4. Linda Sue 4:26
5. Bringing Me Back 3:35

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