Artist/ Band: Lee Fletcher
Title: Faith In Worthless Things
Label: Unsubg Records
Year of Release: 2012
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The Review:

Debut solo recording by UK artist who won 'Best Producer 2012' award at the (UK) South West Music Awards. As composer, producer and sound engineer wizard (his list runs long as to who he has produced and engineered for), Lee Fletcher, gives us a super nice recording! Just over 36 minutes of exotic and progressive pop in vein of Happy Rhodes (thanks to Lee’s wife on vocals, Lisa Fletcher). Other comparisons are David Sylvian, Rain Tree Crow, and an occasional somewhat abstract avant pop like Toyah Wilcox’s work on “This Fragile Moment” (he did some post production work on this very release). If you loved “Indigo Falls” by Richard Barbieri, and his wife Suzanne singing, you will love this. You also hear touches of Mark Isham and Jon Hassell. All the tunes feature Markus Reuter and a host of guests appear like Robert Fripp, Tim Motzer, Steve Bingham, and B J Cole.

Although very laid back throughout, there is a consistency and dreamy comfort that serves a wonderful welcome after a busy stressful day, or when you are sick of noise. The production is great as you’d expect, and the music is rich with a sprinkling of trumpet, bagpipes, and a larger helping of soft spine melting vocals, perfectly mixed ambient soundscape guitars, and gentle bass, pretty washes, all which make the music majestic.

All the songs have facets of loveliness and a soothing nature. It’s hard to pick favorites but ‘Miracles on Trees’ (track 7) is gorgeous with it’s entrance of field recordings (birds), and the delicate arrangement following. This one also has that otherworldly Happy Rhodes essence. You get a slightly bigger dose, although way too short, of the odd time guitar play and Frippish world joy, on ‘Until the Playtime Whistle Sounds’ (track 8). The last cut ‘Long About Now’ is a Scott Walker cover (the only song on CD not written by Fletcher or Reuter). While not remotely like Walker, the cover still has a poppy field, trippy, sweet harmonious delivery.

The meditative nature of “Faith in Worthless Things” hit the spot for this listener. The composition quality is superb, the mix is supreme, and the overall package is loveable. This is 100% excellence in every way. RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on November 26th, 2012


01. Is It Me (or Is It You) (4:01)
02. The Inner Voice (3:40)
03. Faith in Worthless Things (4:02)
04. A Life on Loan (5:06)
05. The Number (3:15)
06. The Answer (3:05)
07. Miracles on Trees (4:30)
08. Until The Playtime Whistle Sounds (1:14)
09. Life's a Long Time Short (4:21)
10 .Long About Now (2:41)

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