Artist/ Band: Lebowski
Title: Cinematic
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

My first exposure to the Polish progressive rock band, Lebowski, was when I saw, over at, a thread introducing the band and letting it be known that their debut album, Cinematic was available to purchase. So I contacted the band to inquire about reviewing their music. Their representative replied and sent me a copy of Cinematic. Upon receipt of the album, I found myself closing my eyes and listening to the music as if was like listening to a soundtrack of an non-existent movie.

The band was formed back in 2005 and by the time of their debut release, Cinematic, the line-up consisted of Marcin Luczaj (keyboards, synths), Marcin Grzegorczyk (guitars, samplers), Marek Zak (bass), Krzysztof Pakula (drums) and guest appearance by Katarzyna Dziubak (vocal, violin).

This is an album that you must sit down & listen to. It isn’t for the casual listener looking for a hit single. I found myself listening to Cinematic over and over. There are some spoken word and wordless parts which add to the music.

If I had to pick a song that best describes the band, I would pick the title track “Cinematic” which is the second longest track on the album (7:42). The reason, simply showcases the band’s “signature” style, so to speak. It also allows the rest of the album to flow in different direction according to the song title.

It has slowly grown on me and is because of when I received it, it wasn’t among the Top 50 Favorite Releases of 2010, but I did include it as an honorable mention. I’m enjoying, Cinematic just as much as any 2010 release on My Top 50 Favorite New Releases of 2010. Anyway, if you enjoy your prog to be more on the instrumental side as well as some scattered vocals, then look no further that Lebowski’s debut, Cinematic. Highly recommended without any doubt. They have video and audio samples on their website, along with links to other sites their a part of.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2011


01. Trip To DOHA
02. 137 Sec.
03. Cinematic
04. Old British Spy Movie
05. Iceland
06. Encore
07. Aperitif For Breakfast (O.M.R.J.)
08. Spiritual Machine
09. The Storyteller (Svenson)
10. Human Error

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