Artist/ Band: Lapis Lazuli
Title: Alien/Abra Cadaver
Label: ShroomAngel
Year of Release: 2014
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The Review:

I've been reviewing various progressive rocks bands over the years which have been influenced by the Canterbury bands of the 70s' but I must admit that this is the first time I find myself reviewing a new release from a band actually hailing from Canterbury, UK ... which in fact ... plays Canterbury music.

And in many respects Lapis Lazuli have re-invented and expanding upon the genre, updating it for the New Millennium.

Lapis Lazuli is a six piece instrumental band which melds elements of avant-progressive, Krautrock psychedelia, Funk, Jazz, Math Rock, Latin, Balkan, and American Indian, challenging the listener with an experimental blend of mind-expanding music which should strike a positive chord in the adventurous music lover who expect more from progressive rock than chunky Mellotron chord washes and lilting synthesizer arpeggios.

The familiar refrain of bands like National Health, Soft Machine, Frank Zappa, John Zorn, Van der Graaf Generator, The Mars Volta, Nik Turner, Cosmic Jokers, and "Earthbound" ear King Crimson can be heard throughout the disc.

The highlight of the album is the 40 minute sci-fi epic "ALIEN". Members of the band include: Neil Sullivan (guitar, MIDI guitar), Dan Lander (guitar), Phil Holmes (sax, accordion), Adam Brodigan (drums), Toby Allen (bass) and Dave Brittain (percussion, trumpet).

Highly recommended to aficionados of experimental avant-progressive rock.

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on November 30th, 2014


01. Alien (Parts I - V)
02. Abra Cadaver

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