Artist/ Band: Lalle Larsson
Title: Weaveworld
Label: Reingold Records
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

WEAVEWORLD is the latest project from the highly acclaimed prolific Swedish pianist/composer Lalle Larsson. Followers of the Swedish progressive rock movement may know Larsson as the keyboardist for the group KARMAKANIC - a side project of FLOWER KING’S bassist Jonas Reingold and x-FLOWER KING drummer Zoltan Csorsz. Larsson also appeared on the 3RD WORLD ELECTRIC jazz fusion album “Kilimanjaro Secret Brew” which I reviewed here at Prognaut in January.

The material on WEAVEWOLD is a collection of five darkly energetic compositions ranging in length from 7:32 to his epic 14:46 title track. Larsson’s versatility and keyboard prowess is prominently displayed as he explores a broad range of music genres from experimental avant-garde, to heavy metal, jazz fusion, symphonic rock, and modern classic compositions; all of which are reflected in his eclectic list of musical influences which include: Johann Sebastian Bach, Fredric Chopin, Franz List, Ronnie James Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Frank Zappa, Ennio Morricone, David Lynch, Monty Python, and the Looney Toon Cartoons.

Larsson is an extraordinary keyboardist arranging his adventurous compositions with a full textured sound palate, utilizing Hammond organ (or a great sounding facsimile) and synthesizers, but his instrument of choice is clearly the piano. Although he does have one really kick-ass synth solo at the conclusion of his epic track “Weaveworld” reminiscent of Kit Watkins Moog solos on the early HAPPY THE MAN albums. Echoes of THE NICE , ELP , REFUGE, THE FLOWER KINGS, PRESENT, Dave Brubeck, and the solo albums of UNIVERS ZERO percussionist Daniel Denis run throughout the album.

Larsson performs a captivating rendition of Tomaso Albinonis Adagio in G Minor. Rounding out the line-up for his band WEAVEWORLD are Jonas Reingold (fretless bass), Mickeal ‘Walle’ Wahlgren (drums) and a pair of blistering guitarist Stefan Rosquist and Richard Hallebeek.

Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on February 25thth, 2010


01. Marionette ( 7:32 )
02. Dance Of The Dead ( 7:45 )
03. Newborn Awakening ( 8:58 )
04. Adagio ( 7:13 )
05. Weaveworld ( 14:46 )

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