Artist/ Band: Konchordat
Title: The New Crusade
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

What began as a project in 2008 by Steve Cork who performs on Bass & Keyboards, expanded to include Stuart Martin,who contributes on Guitars and Keyboards, also handling the lead vocals, and special guest Liam Green,on Roland V Drums, on their new release."The New Crusade"the duo financed, produced & crafted this album all on their own, and today the evolution continues with a full band debut scheduled for late 2011.Neil Hayman and Neil Watts will join them on Drums, additional vocals and Keyboards respectively.

An introductory soundscape of mystery, the wind, waves crashing on the shore, creaks and sighs, a hint of sadness set the tone in "The New Crusade" A contemporary soldiers lament, the lyrics touch on his feelings of loneliness, fear, he's a new father, this war is not his war, these people are not his enemies.It's survival, kill or be killed. He fights for liberty.The ones he battles will choose martyrdom to advance their agenda.This 14:30 minute tale is at times epic, evocative of Genesis, Marillion, Camel et al, but not overtly.

It's"A Coming of Age"with this familiar sounding song, words of advice from father to son. Musically, it reminds me of the best of post Peter Gabriel Genesis.

"Panic Room"charges out with enough force to chase away the inner demons tormenting the author.With the great drumming, keybords and guitar work to accompany the passionate lyrics, I think of this as an exorcism gone right.

Opening up the "Heaven's Gate" feels welcoming. A catchy tune that once again features the words of introspection that seem to be a unifying theme throughout this album, the search for a better place,a better life.I know my heaven will be stocked with a library of music like this.

My first impression of the "Scars Inside" was "Who does this sound like?" Maybe a bit like recent Dream Theater, perhaps not. Regardless,It's good and it rocks! The message to me is, I need to be happy with my life and be proud of my achievements even though the scars remain from past heartbreaks.

I'm taken away by the closing track,"Time To Go" Soaring guitars and keyboards bid an anthemic farewell to us with this heartfelt piece, perhaps inspired by the loss of a father (I know how that feels), a closing testimony of a life well lived, and in the end, we all must leave.

"The New Crusade", while not breaking new ground, stands on it's own among recent Progressive Rock releases as a satisfying, very pleasant effort, It's easy to listen to, not artsy and obscure like some. The lyrics are heartfelt and meaningful, for those that will take the time. Very proficient musically. I would recommend giving Konchordat a listen, you won't be sorry.

Reviewed by Chris Erbeck on November 10th, 2011


01. The New Crusade (14:32)
02. A Coming Of Age (9:44)
03. Panic Room (12:13)
04. Heaven's Gate (5:43)
05. Scars Inside (4:33)
06. Time To Go (9:12)

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